Stress is a fact of life for me. Could that be why I'm not getting pregnant?

When people know you’re trying for kids, they can say the most annoying things. Hands up if you’ve been told to “Just relax and forget about it!” or “Go on a nice holiday, you work too hard”. Or how about this old classic: “It’ll happen when you least expect it.”

Apart from being hard to take, there’s one major flaw with this well-meaning advice: it’s not true.

Stress alone won’t stop you getting pregnant

Contrary to what almost everyone believes, there’s zero evidence linking stress to female infertility. It can slightly compromise male sperm count, but that’s about it.

In fact for women, there are only two ways stress can compromise fertility: if it stops you from ovulating, or stops you from having intercourse. So basically, if your periods are normal and you’re having sex at the right time, stress is not your problem.

If you’ve been trying for a while without success, there could be another explanation – issues with your eggs or his sperm, endometriosis or PCOS. To get a proper picture of what’s going on, we recommend seeing a Genea Fertility Specialist for a few tests. And of course, stress can affect your overall health in other ways (blood pressure etc) so if you’re concerned, it may be worth checking in with your GP too.

Lots of busy women have babies

At Genea, we know many of our patients are on hectic schedules. Timing is everything, so we aim to be as accessible as possible, with flexible appointment times and early morning clinics. If you go ahead with IVF, we’ll do your egg pickup at a time that suits your body not our schedule. Whether you’re in a high pressure job, travelling a lot or chasing after a toddler, we can help make the path to getting pregnant that little bit easier.