People keep offering me advice. Who do I listen to?

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The #1 piece of advice our patients pass on to people trying to conceive is to ask for help earlier. Genea's Fertility Specialists are experts in helping people conceive and seeing one is not a fast track to IVF - in fact we help more than 50% our patients have a baby with fertility treatments other than IVF.


It’s amazing how many people suddenly become fertility experts when you fail to fall pregnant right away. Mums, aunties, friends, co-workers and (best of all) people you hardly know – none of them can wait to give you that one amazing tip that will make all the difference. After all it “worked for so and so”.

Take it with a pinch (or a barrel) of salt

Unless they happen to be qualified fertility specialists, none of these people are qualified to give you advice. It won’t stop them trying though, which means it’s up to you to filter out (or tactfully ignore) what they say. If you listen to it, you’ll end up quitting your job, keeping your legs in the air and subsisting on a diet of pineapples … none of which is necessary (or fun).

What you really need to know?

The formula for increasing your chances of getting pregnant naturally is pretty simple. Make sure you and your partner have healthy BMIs and don’t smoke. Then find out when you’re ovulating and have sex around that time (every two days is usually enough). You can even try our fertility calculator. Keep it up for 12 months (six if you’re 35+) and if you have no success, come see a Genea Fertility Specialist. From there, you can find out if anything’s up, and work out what to do about it.

Contrary to common myths, stress isn’t linked with infertility (unless it stops you ovulating or having sex). So when people tell you to ‘just relaaax’, smile, nod and ignore them. Same goes for people who tell you to ‘forget about trying’. Not only is this impossible, it’s not true – you do need to keep having sex at the right time each month, or your chances will be compromised.

And if things are becoming too depressing, or too annoying or too hard, talk to us. We’ve been helping thousands of women (and couples) have babies for decades. And unlike your über fertile cousin or that annoying woman down the street, we really can help you separate fact from fiction.

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