Religion and culture

At Genea, we respect all religions and cultures equally. And for this reason, we’ve developed assisted conception options suitable for almost every faith, including Christianity (including Brethren), Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism (including Kosher supervised treatment cycles).

Everyone’s different, and that’s fine with us

We know that faiths differ over the matter of ‘when life begins’, and what practices are morally unacceptable. So we’ve developed a range of methods to handle these potential issues, including freezing fertilised eggs for future use before syngamy (the moment when male and female genetic materials combine), and sperm collection without masturbation.

Whatever your beliefs, it’s our goal to provide world-class treatment that helps you feel comfortable. To find out more about how Genea can accommodate your religious or cultural needs, ask our Fertility Advisor or feel free to give us a call on 1300 361 795.


The #1 piece of advice our patients pass on to people trying to conceive is to ask for help earlier. Genea's Fertility Specialists are experts in helping people conceive and seeing one is not a fast track to IVF - in fact we help more than 50% our patients have a baby with fertility treatments other than IVF.