Plan A - 4 Steps to Improve Natural Conception

Are you looking for some clues about why it’s not working or for advice on what to do next? You're not alone. Contact our Fertility Advisors and let them point you in the right direction - towards your goal of a baby.

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If you’ve been having regular, unprotected sex for 12 months and you haven’t conceived, then medically, you’re considered to have a fertility problem and we encourage you to seek advice rather than continuing to try to conceive. Here are a few easy steps you and your partner can take to help find out what’s causing the problem.

Four steps to improving your natural fertility


Step One: Lifestyle Audit
Step Two: Sex
Step Three: Testing, testing, one, two, three
Step Four: Photo time

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Getting Started

You can see your regular GP for help with these steps or, if you're in the Sydney area, Genea uniquely offers appointments with our own Fertility GP's, whom focus solely on fertility so they know exactly what to look for and how to help couples investigate their fertility in a thorough and timely manner.

As part of Genea’s world leading fertility team, the Genea GP's have access to the most advanced and accurate fertility tests, conducted and analysed all under one roof in Genea’s Sydney CBD clinic.

If you’re at all worried about your fertility or wondering why you haven’t conceived yet, don’t wait any longer, come in and have a chat with a Genea Fertility GP and come up with a plan. Together you can begin to understand your fertility and choose the right path to maximise the potential of having a baby.

For more information or to book a Fertility Assessment with a Genea GP call 1300 510 032 or fill in the form below.

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