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IVF: What influences success?

Genea's Medical Director Mark Bowman answers the common question, What influences IVF success?

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Redefining the IVF patient experience

Being the first app of its kind in Australia, there’s no wonder there are quite a few questions flying around about exactly how Grow by Genea works and how it will affect the experience of Genea IVF and ICSI patients.

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Snap freeze your potential

An increasing number of women in their 30s are investigating the pros and cons of freezing their eggs. Two women who've gone through with the treatment explain the benefits.

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IVF treatment - Is that medicine safe to take?

A number of medications that we take for granted for colds, flu or infections can interact with the drugs our patients take for IVF treatment making them less effective and possibly leading to poor egg quality or to cause other issues which are not favourable to their IVF treatment. But...

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The 2 week wait

Many people describe the journey of IVF treatment as a never ending roller coaster ride, filled with heart stopping peaks and troughs of emotion. And in what is all undoubtedly a challenging period, the time after your embryo transfer and before you can take a pregnancy test can be one of the worst.

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Embryologists care about more than just the science

Worried you are just one in a long list of patients to the IVF scientist during your treatment? Genea Senior Embryologist Daniel Morgan dispels that myth and explains just how invested he becomes in his patients’ journeys.

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Lily and Adrian's story: It only takes one good egg

Sometimes the most frustrating thing you hear during your IVF treatment will turn out to be the most meaningful. Lily and Adrian explain how what seemed like a throwaway phrase became the motto of their journey.

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Ovulation and Fertility Explained

This week, Wendy runs through a 101 on ovulation. Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask, or just not sure about.

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Male Fertility testing

Preparing for sperm test can be a bit daunting so, we've compiled a list of common concerns and questions we often hear. This list should help put your mind at ease.

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Top 5 IVF frustrations

As an IVF nurse at Genea, Vanessa has heard many questions. Here she relates the top 5 frustrations she constantly hears with suggestions for how you might deal with them.

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Balancing work and IVF

Balancing work and IVF can be a challenge. We share some tips and advice on how to manage this and prepare yourself during fertility treatment.

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How to come to Genea if I live interstate or overseas

If you live overseas or in a location where we don't a clinic, don't despair - we can still help you. Genea Nurse Wendy Bradford explains how.

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