The Two Week Wait

fertility two week waitMany people describe the journey of IVF treatment as a never ending roller coaster ride, filled with heart stopping peaks and troughs of emotion. And in what is all undoubtedly a challenging period, the time after your embryo transfer and before you can take a pregnancy test can be one of the worst.

Often referred to as the Two Week Wait or 2WW, it can be a period of isolation and doubt. After weeks of daily monitoring and conversations with your nurses and Fertility Specialist, this period can seem to be an interminable wait. A pregnancy test is not reliable until 16 days after your egg collection and because you've been focusing on your body for the past four weeks (or more), you'll notice and analyse every twinge, symptom or sensation.

Genea's Counsellors, Nurse Coordinators and your Fertility Specialists are all available to support you during this time and we have a range of tools and programs to help you cope and will be expanding this part of our support service in coming months.

In this post we’re going to outline some of the sensations or changes to your body that can occur during this time to help you understand what is normal.


Period type cramps are very normal during the period between your transfer and the pregnancy test, especially quite soon after an embryo transfer. You might also experience them approximately seven to 10 days after an insemination. It’s around this time an embryo would be implanting if it is going to do so which can cause some discomfort -  very similar to your period cramps. That said, not feeling any cramps at all does not mean that an embryo has not implanted - it’s just what some women experience. 

Spotting or Light Bleeding

Spotting or light bleeding is another common symptom and it’s not necessarily the start of a period. Many women experience spotting soon after their embryo transfer - around the time an embryo would be implanting if it is going to do so. The uterus is filled with blood vessels so when an embryo implants, it’s possible for it to irritate a blood vessel close by and cause a bleed. This often shows as a brownish discharge or a small amount of fresh blood. Some women can experience very heavy bleeding, but still have an ongoing pregnancy depending on where the bleeding is coming from and what it is caused by. So, just like the cramps, it’s best not to read too much into it and go ahead with your pregnancy test.

Sore or Swollen Breasts

Your breasts can feel very sore and swollen, particularly after taking FSH injections as they will elevate your hormone levels, particularly progesterone. Everyone has different reactions to these hormones - some women feel no different but are pregnant and others do have swollen breasts and unfortunately are not pregnant. If you’ve  been having  FSH injections then your progesterone levels will most likely be higher than where they would be on a natural cycle, therefore causing the soreness. Again, don’t pay too much attention to how your breasts feel and if the symptoms come and then go, it could just be your hormones settling and not a sign that the embryo has not implanted.


Bloating is extremely common, especially when you’ve had an IVF cycle because your ovaries are stimulated more than they would be on a natural cycle and therefore can be swollen. After embryo transfer if the embryo implants, more hormones are produced to support the pregnancy. This can cause the ovaries to remain very active on top of their already swollen state and this can increase your feeling of bloating. Bloating can occur whether the embryo implants or not, so if you experience bloating and you are feeling uncomfortable then you may want to contact your nursing team. However, bloating will not affect your embryo and its chances of implanting.

As with most things in fertility treatment there are very few black and white situations and many grey areas when it comes to what women experience during the 2WW. Some women will experience all of the symptoms and feelings we’ve described above and others will have none of them or may get different ones altogether. All of these women may or may not be pregnant. The important thing to remember is that these are normal experiences and they aren’t necessarily a bad sign.

As always, your Genea nurse is at the end of the phone to help you if you are unsure about any symptoms you may be experiencing. Give us a call to set your mind at ease - 1300 361 795 or contact our Fertility Advisor today.

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If you still have concerns having read this article, please read further information on the Two Week Wait which we have through our site. 

Genea Team
Hi Salma,

Please ensure that you attend your blood test today and discuss any further concerns with the nursing team at that time. Panadol is safe to take for the pain, every 4-6 hours and no more than 8 tablets in 24 hours.

Kind regards,
Genea Nurses
29/01/2018 10:50:27 AM

I had embryo tranfer 5 days back. My due date is 29th jan.i have severe back pain and cramp(similar to periods pain.)with no other symptoms
Anything to worry about
27/01/2018 8:08:13 PM

Genea Team
Hi Kristy,

Spotting in early pregnancy is unfortunately fairly common. It Is not always a sign of the period and many women bleed throughout pregnancy – unfortunately the only way to know if things are progressing normally is the blood test results.

All the best,
Genea Nurses
3/11/2017 4:34:46 PM

I'm on 13dpt and I've been testing myself since 7dpt all with positive tests I had a blood test on 10dpt it was positive to but since then I have had bleeding on and off it started out brownish but today 13dpt it's been a bit more red I hope this isn't the start of my period. It's seems to be there every time I go to the toilet. I have had another blood test today and will see what results are tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced this. Feeling very worried
30/10/2017 6:50:20 PM

Genea Team
Hi Zuby,

Please speak with your treating fertility Doctor or clinic about whether this could be related to your treatment with them; alternatively you may need to see a GP for assessment.

Kind regards,
11/08/2017 11:14:48 AM

Hie..m having these red spots around my belly button and skin around it become pale yellow...can u help me with this i dnt no wat is going on with me
11/08/2017 4:51:19 AM

Genea Team
Hi Roxy,

Essentially, we try to mimic and enhance a natural cycle when we stimulate you in an IVF cycle. If this is a normal feeling at this time of your cycle it would not be unusual for you to continue to feel these symptoms in your current cycle, regardless of whether or not a pregnancy is in the very early stages. Your hormone levels are much higher and your ovaries more swollen and irritated than in a natural menstrual cycle, so you may notice these symptoms more or less - it’s really an individual experience and even cycle to cycle can vary for women.

Progesterone can also be a cause of the pulling sensation in the pelvic area so taking additional progesterone may exacerbate those symptoms. Rest assured this all sounds very normal - but it would also be normal not to have these symptoms, regardless of whether or not your embryo is implanting at that time. If you notice any other symptoms or would like to talk about how you are feeling, please feel free to call your Nurses.

Nurse Wendy
26/05/2017 11:50:54 AM

Hi Genea team,
I had a 5dt of fresh embryo on Monday 22nd and feeling weird pulling cramps in low abdomen 4 days later. (My 1st ivf cycle)
Today would be considered day 21 in my regular cycle and without fail I normally get that pulling sensation that I'm getting today.
Am I reading too much into these cramps? Would it be normal to have these premenstrual symptoms even if I'm possibly pregnant.
I'm taking progesterone pessaries. (I haven't taken progesterone pills before this)
Thanks team. Appreciate any response.
25/05/2017 6:22:29 PM

Genea Team
Hi Patricia,

If you are using vaginal progesterone supplements, this could be causing some irritation inside the vagina and may account for your symptoms. Unfortunately these symptoms could also mean the start of your period. As some women do get bleeding during pregnancy, it is important that you attend for your BHCG blood test, even if the bleeding gets heavier.

To set your mind at ease, I’d recommend talking to your nurses, and asking if your blood test could be attended earlier – there is a chance you may need to repeat this blood test, but it could also save you unnecessary worry.

Kind regards,
18/04/2017 9:25:17 AM

Hi. I had a day3 embryo transfer 11 days ago. Today I have cramping and some pink on the paper when I wipe (sorry for tmi). Should I be worried. Beta test is in 3 days.
17/04/2017 9:19:31 PM

Genea Team
Hi Teagan,

Please speak with your Nurses or your Fertility Specialist to answer these questions. Your treating team are best placed to discuss this with you in the context of your medical history and the treatment protocol ordered by your Fertility Specialist.

Kind regards,
16/02/2017 9:43:30 AM

Hi there,

I had my transfer last Friday and will be stopping my Endometrims tomorrow (14/2/17) and 17 days post ovum pick up will be Thursday.
Would this seem to early? or does it relate to my natural levels prior to IVF hormones.
I am 26 years old.

Thank you
13/02/2017 12:10:26 PM

Genea Team
Dear Sue,

Keeping a positive attitude is not the same as trying to keep thinking the result will be positive, especially if you believe your attitude will influence the result – it won’t. You are better off reminding yourself that every transfer is a new opportunity and a chance to achieve your dream, in itself a very positive thought.

You have done all you can - now focus on other things. Mindfulness is a useful tool to distract yourself in a positive way. Choose to engage with things that absorb you and give you positive feelings, and thereby also distract you from the unhelpful circular worrying.

Also, accept that anxiety now is normal, take a deep breath and accept that it will be along for the ride but you don’t need to feed it all the time. Our counsellors are here to talk to you if you feel you would like some additional support.

15/11/2016 10:22:57 AM

How could I keep positive attitude during 2WW? Pls advise
7/11/2016 8:40:58 PM

Genea Team
Dear Agata,

The 2WW is undoubtedly a stressful time for many patients. It is best to look after yourself, and take precautions as though you may be pregnant. We have some earlier blogs on fertility and food that may be helpful:

And the following links to government websites may also be useful resources: (food safety) (eating well) (exercise)

It’s also important to look after your emotional wellbeing! Our counsellors are available and well equipped to talk to patients during the 2WW:

Best of luck with your treatment,
Nurse Wendy
21/09/2016 12:45:07 PM

Agata Sampaio
Hi I had my first embryo transfer last sunday (day 5) , we put 2, one was "stronger" than the other , but still chances of twins, its hard this 2ww, I feeling some cramps not very strong, very gasy , hope this is a good sign ... very scared of doing something wrong, eating something wrong ...
Its hard not knowing or having my hands tight... I wish there something that I could do to help the process ,some diet, something .... Any ideias or advices? thanks
21/09/2016 12:16:38 AM

Genea Team
Hi Christal,

Particularly if you have had a stimulated IVF cycle, it is common to have some mild bloating and cramps at this time. Bloating may also cause referred pain which worsens if you have a full bladder as this puts more pressure on your already stressed abdominal organs.

If at any time you are not sure about your symptoms or they become worse or unbearable, please call your clinic Nurses for personalised advice (as your individual medical history, treatments and medications will influence how you are feeling and what is expected to be normal for you).

Kind regards,
15/09/2016 9:17:15 AM


I had my transfer last Saturday. Since then I've been bloated on and off and have had cramps on and on.. all different levels of pain. Recently I've found that if I hold on too long to go to the bathroom I get shooting pains up through my bottom. Sometimes I have to stop whilst walking to the bathroom when they happen. Is this normal??
9/09/2016 11:14:02 AM

Genea Team
Hi Deedee,

Spotting or light bleeding as well as cramping are not unusual during this 2 week wait and the Crinone Gel can make it a little worse. Hopefully these symptoms will resolve quickly for you.

Good luck!
Nurse Lyn
29/08/2016 12:54:03 PM

Genea Team
Hi Stefanie,

We acknowledge this “2 week wait” is a very anxious time but I can reassure you the symptoms you describe are normal.

It is common to have some slight cramping during this time and the pessaries do increase vaginal discharge. Many women have no symptoms of implantation so I would not worry about your breasts not feeling sore.

Your nursing team and counsellors are always happy to talk to you during this time, please don’t hesitate to give them a call.

Good Luck!
Nurse Lyn
26/08/2016 8:29:02 AM

Genea Team
Hi Beez,

Thank you for your enquiry, however there is no straightforward answer to it as we do not know your whole history. I would suggest you discuss with your Fertility Specialist or GP.

Good Luck,
Nurse Lyn
26/08/2016 8:27:49 AM

hi Genea,

i had my frozen embryo transfer on 18/8/16 and now still on my 2ww. however in the 6th day after transferred i have cramps for the whole day and end up with light pinky spotting on my panty at night. I contacted my doctor thru WA and he advised to visit the clinic the next day morning. I did that and from the USG doctor said my uterine wall still good (the thickness is still 13"), no bad indication. i went home with less stress. however the cramps and spotting didnt stop until day 7th. Today on the 8th day, i woke up with no cramps anymore but the bleeding still continue. it is light pinky and brown color. hopefully this is a good sign. fyi, i also use crinone 8% thru vagina twice a day as instructed.
25/08/2016 8:43:18 PM


I had my embryo transfer on the 22nd August, I am now 3 days past the transfer and all I have had it slight cramping and a lot of discharge although I am on the progesterone pessaries twice a day and also oestradiol 2 tablets of a night. I haven't had any bleed my breasts done feel sore, does this mean the embryo isn't implanting???? Im very worried and nervous.
25/08/2016 10:14:58 AM

I am on 8d/Fet on the 5th day I had a pelvic inflammation which my GP alluded to the the procedure as my uterus is retroverted and they sort of had to pull it to put my 4 embies... I have been treated with erythromicine and ceftrizone (sp) which is safe in pregnancy. Would this inflammation reduce my chances of a BFP??
21/08/2016 12:16:53 AM

Genea Team
Hi Saiqa,

It is certainly normal to feel some aches and pains following an embryo transfer - these tend to settle down within a couple of days.

With regards to breast tenderness this can come and go - this tends to be a response to your treatment or medications rather than a sign as to whether the embryo has implanted. The most reliable way to assess whether your treatment has been successful is to have a formal blood test approximately 11 days following your embryo transfer.

Your nursing team are more than welcome to talk with you regarding this 2 week wait period, and your specific fertility journey.

Good Luck,
Nurse Tilly
17/08/2016 9:49:55 AM

Hi. I am Saiqa.

I had my Embryo transfer on 2nd OF August 2016. I was feeling pain in my back and lower part of abdoman till 5th day of transfer. I had some tenderness in my breast toi. But for last two days i am feeling nothing. I am scared about this. Plz tell me why it is like that.
9/08/2016 11:42:49 PM

Genea Team
Hi Buzz,

The type of cycle you have undertaken, as well as your clinical history, will determine whether you are required to remain on Progesterone pessaries until between 9-12 weeks. The progesterone level at your pregnancy test would have also been reviewed by your Doctor at the time and instructions surrounding commencing, continuing or ceasing Progesterone provided.

With regards to the dark brown spotting this can be through the use of vaginal pessaries. It is not uncommon for women to describe loss like yours, and this may be due to the trauma caused to the delicate vaginal wall with the daily insertion. You may find it is at its heaviest about an hour after you wake up - this is because any blood you have lost whilst sleeping has gathered in the vagina and comes away when you stand up and move around, and this is why the loss is scant and brown. Approximately 50% of women will experience some bleeding or loss in early pregnancy - this is not always an indication of a start of a period, miscarriage or pregnancy loss, a large percentage of the time the cause of the bleeding is unknown.

The best advice I can give you is to contact your treating Doctor or your nursing team to discuss your personal situation. They are always happy to talk it through with you, and we certainly want to give you the best chance and care we possibly can.

I would be more than happy to discuss this with you. As always feel free to contact Nurse Tilly on 02 8484 6420.
27/07/2016 5:24:45 PM

Hi. I've seen that a lot of women are on progesterone till about 10-12 weeks until the placenta takes over before coming off it. We have been told to go off it just under 5 weeks without even having done any tests. We are at 4.5 weeks. What is the likelihood of this ivf cycle failing in doing that or are they just hoping natural progression takes over? Very concerned as to whether this is being treated for the best possible outcome. As it is there has been 2 days of spotting so far (7dpo & 10dpo - dark brown). We are just worried we don't have the best chance, if taken off it, if all looks positive after the test. 1 miscarriage and 2 failed attempts so far. Please help ease the mind. Thankyou
27/07/2016 4:21:43 PM

Genea Team
Hi Pretti,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing a small amount of bleeding/bright red discharge. Some women experience a small amount of loss post Embryo transfer - this is due to the cervix being irritated by the catheter as it passes through prior to placing the embryo inside the uterus.

Another cause of bleeding / loss can be through the use of vaginal pessaries. It is not uncommon for women to describe loss like yours, and this may be due to the trauma caused to the delicate vaginal wall with the daily insertion. You may find it is its heaviest about an hour after you wake up - this is because any blood you have lost whilst sleeping has gathered in the vagina as you sleep and comes away when you stand up and move around.

Sometimes women will experience bleeding during this 2 week wait and early pregnancy and the cause of the loss is unexplained.

My advice is if you are worried please contact your nursing team - they will be able to provide you advice and instructions which are specific to your personal fertility journey. Alternatively I would be more than happy to talk to you in person, if so, please call 02 9229 6420 and ask for Nurse Tilly.
27/07/2016 10:58:15 AM

Pretti Singh
I had my embryo transfer on 15/07/2016 and today-24/05/2016 saw some brownish discharge and light pinkish red discharge/ bleeding. I am so scared but hoping and praying it is nothing serious. Please advice me.
24/07/2016 5:31:11 PM

Genea Team
Hi Jyothi,

Thank you for getting in touch and the feedback about the post.

It is certainly not uncommon to experience some cramping and even a little bleeding after the embryo transfer. This is because when the small catheter is inserted into the cervix it can cause some irritation resulting in cramping and a small amount of blood loss. This usually resolves in a couple of days. If you are still worried, the cramping does not get any better 40 minutes after taking Panadol, or the bleeding increases please call your nurses.

The nurses are more than happy to chat to you further if you wish you just need to give them a call.

Finally Good Luck!

Nurse Tilly.
20/07/2016 4:58:14 PM

Jyothi Choudhari
Hi. I had embryo transfer yesterday afternoon. Had fever a night before. This is my second cycle. Today morning I experienced little spotting and severe lower abdomen pain. I hope this time IVF works. People say that one should be stress free during this time, but all these things... I can't help it.
Ur above posts are really helpful.
Thank you
20/07/2016 3:44:44 AM

Genea Team
Hi Farah,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing some bleeding and I am sure that this would be an extremely anxious time for you.

My advice would be to contact your nursing team to organise a formal blood test checking your pregnancy hormone level, and progesterone levels. These results will give your specialist a full clinical picture and assist them in making a clinical plan that’s right for you.

I am happy to discuss this with you in person if you would like. Please call 02 9229 6420 and ask for Nurse Tilly.
21/06/2016 11:09:35 AM

Hi there, i had my et for ivf on 25.5.16..done a blood test on 3.6.16 and the result is im on my D25 after et n yesterday i have heavy bleeding like period that still continue...i also do upt today n it came out negative...please advise, can blood test be wrong? Am i on my period? Or this is heavy bleeding only? Your advice is truly appreciated
19/06/2016 6:29:31 AM

Genea Team
Hi Cheyne,

We understand that many women want an answer to the question of whether having fertility treatment will affect long term health.

In fact, over the years a number of large, case-controlled studies into this question have been conducted and have provided reassurance that the use of conventional fertility hormones for ovarian stimulation in the treatment of infertility does not increase the long term risk of breast and gynaecological cancers.

One of the studies involved investigation over 30 years with more than 12,000 women – you can read more about it here:

We hope this is helpful to you.

Genea Team
15/06/2016 10:28:46 AM

cheyne suker
I am sharing my thoughts about IVF... I am starting our IVF treatments in August.. But I am also afraid from it... I think IVF treatment is risky for health... In this matter could you far away my anxiety about it..
14/06/2016 2:03:11 PM

Genea Team
Hi Zabbiegirl,

Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, fertility treatment can be a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions and we understand how important it is to share experiences with others who are on their own personal fertility journey. You can read some of these stories here:

As always, please let us know if we can be of any further assistance at this time.

Genea Team
24/02/2016 1:33:32 PM

Genea Team
Hi Tina,

I am sorry to hear that your cycle has been unsuccessful. Fertility treatment can be extremely difficult to cope with and can lead to a string of over whelming emotions.

I am glad to hear that you have arranged an appointment with an Psychiatrist to help you deal with this disappointing news. If there is anything that our nursing or counselling team can do for you here at Genea please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9229 6420.

Nurse Tilly
24/02/2016 1:32:25 PM

I did my xfer 3 days ago. It was a 3 day xfer. One 9 cell and one 10 cell. I too, feel different sensations like cramping etc...hoping it takes! Only one other embryo made it to freeze and not looking forward to having to redo the whole egg retrieval process again. Such a rollercoaster! Love reading people success stories. Also nice to know ur not alone if things don't work out this round.
24/02/2016 9:24:02 AM

tina chakraborty
my embroy transfer was on 3rd feb,,19 th feb,my beta hcg test was i become just blind...i am under now a psychiatist...people call me a mad girl...god help me...
22/02/2016 7:03:59 PM

Genea Team
Hi Brooke,

Thank you for getting in touch. It is always a difficult and emotional time between embryo transfer and your pregnancy test. I want to give you some reassurance that the majority women do not report any signs of symptoms of pregnancy during this period however, unfortunately we are unable to confirm whether your treatment has been successful until you have your pregnancy test or when your period arrives.

Our nursing teams and counsellors are always here to chat or give you advice. If you would like to talk, please call me on 02 9229 6420 and ask for Nurse Tilly.
12/01/2016 11:17:25 AM

I am on my second cycle of ivf first ending in a failed cycle, this time I had 2 5day blastocyst transferred perfect embryos I am only 24 and I had great levels and lining for transfer. But 7 days post and I have no symptoms and no sore boobs! I am so worried it has not worked again 😔 Is it common to have NO symptoms and still be pregnant. My failed last failed cycle I had no symptoms either so I am stressing out!
8/01/2016 10:43:54 PM

Genea Team
Hi Marcelle,

Thank you for getting in touch. Home pregnancy tests require high levels of urine Bhcg (Pregnancy hormone) and therefore can be unreliable when it comes to early pregnancy detection. The most reliable way to confirm the presence of Bhcg is through a blood test.

It is not uncommon for women to experience a mixture of feelings and symptoms around the time of their pregnancy tests such as cramps, sore breasts, and PMS symptoms. These can be early pregnancy symptoms or symptoms related to your period arriving. Some medications can delay you period from arriving such as Crinone and progesterone Pessaries as these keep your progesterone level high to support early pregnancy.

If you would like to speak to me in person please do not hesitate to contact the clinic 02 9229 6420 and ask to speak to Nurse Tilly.
31/12/2015 10:16:23 AM

I'm on day 13 of egg transfer. Due to public holiday my blood test have been delayed 2 days. I'm doing the pregnancy test but its negative!! I've had period cramps for the past 8 days my period is late and my breadt feels funny. Is it possible to be pregnant? With a negative pregnancy test?
28/12/2015 10:03:30 PM

Genea Team
Hi Zoe,

Thank you for getting in touch. Home pregnancy tests require high levels of urine Bhcg (Pregnancy hormone) and therefore can be unreliable when it comes to early pregnancy detection. The best way to check your pregnancy hormone level is 11 days after a Day 5 embryo transfer (any result before this date is not reliable) via a blood test. A negative home pregnancy test 5 days after an day 5 Embryo transfer does not necessarily mean the cycle has not been successful, it could just be too early.

If you would like to speak to me in person please do not hesitate to contact the clinic 02 9229 6420 and ask to speak to Nurse Tilly.
24/12/2015 12:59:00 PM

Hi there,
I am on my 2ww on 5day thaw cycle and am on day 5. I did a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Would this usually result in a negative pregnancy? Thank you.
23/12/2015 8:12:03 PM

Genea Team
Hi Rachel,

The two week wait can be such a stressful time and the addition of some spotting and cramping just increases your worry we know.

Many women will experience spotting during the 2WW and even during pregnancy but the best thing to do is to get in touch with your nursing team and ask for their advice. They will be able to talk to you about next steps and will be a great support.

We're thinking of you at this stressful time.
16/12/2015 5:19:22 PM

I am sooooooooo worried. Its day 15 and I my period is supposed to start now and I have had brown spot bleeding. I had cramps last week. Should I be worried and panicking? :(
16/12/2015 4:32:40 PM

Genea Team
Hello Donna,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing some bleeding and cramps. All Genea Doctors advise that you attend for a blood test to review your hormones levels at the end of treatment- this will provide them with information regarding your hormones levels as well work with you to plan for the future. We are more than happy for you to attend the test when you feel ready over the next couple of days.

If you would like me to call and have a talk to you in person please call me on 1300 508 837.

Kinds regards,
1/12/2015 3:10:16 PM

hi..this is my 14th day after embryo transfer and since yesterday I'm having bleeding with 2-3 big clots with mild cramps. Nurse said to do the test tomorrow..feeling very sad now as I know I lost my IVF :( .. Should I go for blood test or no ?
30/11/2015 10:53:32 PM

I had my blood test today 20/11/2015 and they said Hcg was low, it was 40. That was day 5 thaw cycle.
On monday i required to do another one? What does it means?
Thank you
20/11/2015 10:42:58 PM

Am on day 7 after E.T and so strsd just pray for us that it works out coz it will b hard for us to raise the money again.Thx for all the advise.
18/06/2015 11:29:40 PM

Genea Team
Hi Lucy,

That's correct, it's not uncommon for women to report some light vaginal bleeding/loss during the "two week wait".

However, if you are concerned and would like to talk through your experience you can reach your Nursing Team here at Genea on 1300 486 609.
4/06/2015 9:24:16 AM

Hi. I had a 5 day embryo transfer. I'm currently on day 12. Taking pregnancy test in 2 days time. I've had really bad back ache and bloated stomach. More worrying I have had brown blood spotting since day 8. It's only small amounts but been going on for ages and so far various articles have said its normal to have spotting but not for how long. Any help?
3/06/2015 12:17:15 PM

The Genea Team
Hi Criatina,

It is certainly not uncommon for women to report some light vaginal bleeding/loss in the two weeks between embryo transfer and pregnancy test.

However, your Nursing team are aware of your personal situation and would be more than happy to talk to you if you are worried. You can reach them on 1300 486 609.

Thank you.
22/05/2015 11:05:41 AM

Hi I had transfer done on 15/5/15. On my 2ww have had a few cramps here and there but nothing to severe. But today notice a bit of very very light brown discharge. Only once today. Is this normal. Starting to worry. I have my test next Wednesday. 😢😢😢😢😢
21/05/2015 5:36:14 PM

thanks the info helpt... I'm on day 4 of 2ww... I have cramps.. Nausea boobs hurt... This is my first round.., I pray this works out... But goin a lil crazy.... Best of luck 2 all of us who r tryin...
7/05/2015 6:53:13 AM

i had a 2det and am 7 days in to the 2ww. I have experienced some brown discharge and mild period like symptoms but no bleeding. This page really helped ease my mind! One day at a time : )
30/04/2015 8:52:03 PM

I am on 3DET and I am cramping.... Praying, this is a good sign
20/04/2015 1:19:00 AM

This article is very helpful. i had my test today after the transfer and hoping to hear the best news when the rest are ready. 2 days ago i had cramps and brownish discharge i the morning which turned to light discharge in the afternoon.
15/04/2015 7:32:46 PM

Rebecca murr
I am on day 9 of ET and started to spot brown stuff and a touch red and was worried it was a period but now I know it's actually normal and doesn't mean no pregnancy. I do my 2 week blood tests in 5 more days, thanks to all these public holidays.
2/04/2015 7:48:28 PM

I had my transfer yesterday and my 2ww will actually only be 10 days. Waiting is scary, the cramps are scary but this page has surely helped. Thanks so much
12/03/2015 8:50:58 AM

Thank you for the article, I've been experiencing cramps and was freaking out a little bit. This has certainly put my mind at ease!
10/03/2015 10:53:14 PM

I am on day3 of 2ww .No cramp sign at all and a bit of white colour discharge.worries or no worries????
27/02/2015 2:38:46 AM

like another lady i also am not a patient of yours however i am on day 8 of the 2ww and have just had what you described in your article as light brownish bleeding all day i have been so worried thinking that it was the start of my period as i had cramps along with it i was at the point of going to buy a pregnancy test and do it myself however after reading your article i am so at ease thank you so much and good luck to all you ladies hope you are all successful it is nice not to feel so alone
27/11/2014 11:41:28 AM

Thanx a ton for the amazing article. I got my embryo transfered on 24/11 n i m on 2ww. Blood test on 06/12. Which is my birth day i was foing nits thinking abt cramps n bloating but thanks to this articke n all the lovely ladies who made me feel i m not alone my mind is at far more peace. Gud luck to all of u
26/11/2014 4:56:57 PM

Thanks for this great information it help me a lot to stable my mind from 2ww
26/11/2014 5:36:56 AM

I'm due to have a test in 2 days and I have had cramping nearly the whole 2 week wait although today they are a tad worse but still mild. I'm hoping for the best but it is so hard! Reading This really helped me through the wait though
17/11/2014 3:26:40 PM

Thank you so much for this helpfull article. So good after reading all your clear informations! Thanks a lot!
15/11/2014 6:53:51 AM

I'm currently due to take my test in 2 days. Had period type cramps today and some brown blood / clots. It feels like it could be a period but this is our 4th fresh ICSI cycle so am hoping and praying it's the implantation cramps and bleeding you mention here!!! Thanks.
11/11/2014 4:43:05 AM

I am a gestational carrier had transfer on Friday and this has reassured me about the cramps I'm having as normal. So thank you. I'm praying for good news for this couple. I hope it worked
27/10/2014 12:27:23 PM

I too am on my 2ww although a little luckier than some as I'm on 5day thaw cycle so only have to wait 10 days. My period was due on Monday and I've had very mild spotting! I'm hoping for the best but the wait is always so hard so always thinking of the worst! This article has put me at ease! Wish all the best and hope this is your time as I hope it is ours :-)
23/10/2014 5:12:27 PM

Hi, I'm in 2ww day 6 after ET, I'm having period like cramps and was terrified until I read this article. .
I hope it that every lady will get a positive test as I wish for myself.
Good luck to all
22/10/2014 4:51:42 AM

Genea Team
Hi Rozina,
If you have concerns about your situation, please contact your nursing team as they will be able to check your records and advise more accurately.
You may also find this page useful.

Thank you.
7/10/2014 10:03:00 AM

It's been 8 days since my fresh if transfer and I have mild cramps and brownish spotting , please advise as my nerves are shattered 302125
7/10/2014 3:57:51 AM

I'm not a patient of yours but I have just read this article on internet and it has been the most helpful and positive answers I need. I'm on the 2 week wait and have spotting. Reading what you say has put my mind at ease.
8/09/2014 7:53:11 PM

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31/07/2014 9:45:33 AM

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