I want to come to Genea, but I live interstate or overseas!

Genea blog airplaneWhile we have numerous locations across NSW and the ACT and a presence in WA and New Zealand, we know that the physical locations of our clinics don’t always meet every patient’s needs. Genea Nurse Wendy Bradford offers a few tips for people from interstate or overseas who would like to see Genea for fertility treatment.

Regional Fertility Clinics

Genea has a number of fertility clinics in large metropolitan centres across NSW, ACT and WA. Aside from our flagship clinic at Kent St, Sydney, we have established clinics across suburban Sydney and Canberra, as well as in Wollongong, Newcastle, Perth and Christchurch. We have also sought to ensure patients who need treatment in regional NSW are looked after too. To this end we have established clinics in locations where leading Fertility Specialists can see you. These include Tamworth, Orange and Coffs Harbour to name but a few. View our list of clinics and find one which is closest to you.

However, if one of these locations is still not convenient, it doesn’t mean we can’t treat you. We regularly treat patients from remote locations, interstate and overseas. We do this by:
  • Offering consultations via Skype or telephone
  • Working with you to access your local blood test and ultrasound services
  • Discussing approximate dates for travel based on the course of your fertility treatment
  • Liaising with our onsite pharmacy to courier medications*
  • Offering the option to email your Nurses with questions or important documents
  • Suggesting travel and accommodation options
*We cannot courier medications for Medicare-eligible patients to overseas locations.

Travelling to Genea

It’s often necessary for a patient to visit one of our clinics during key dates of their cycle. We will work with you to ensure all dates are as convenient as possible, and can be achieved by you.

How long would I need to be away from home?

Interstate patients with access to reliable, same day blood test and ultrasound services need only stay in Sydney (or near your Genea clinic of choice) for the  egg collection and embryo transfer. Some patients choose to go home between these procedures arriving the night before and leaving the day after the egg collection; and then arriving and leaving the same day as the embryo transfer), whilst others choose to stay for the week. It’s important to remember though that procedure time/s and day/s can unfortunately only be confirmed two days in advance due to the individuality of your treatment.

If you are Medicare-eligible and have been living overseas, Medicare requires you reside in Australia whilst undergoing treatment if you wish to be eligible for a treatment rebate. If you live overseas you will need to be here for approximately three or four weeks. As a non-Medicare or private patient, provided you have access to reliable, same day blood test and ultrasound services you could potentially reduce the amount of time in Sydney (or near your Genea clinic of choice), but that’s something to discuss with your Fertility Specialist.

So how do I get started?

Linking up with a Genea Fertility Specialist is the first step. You’ll need to select a Fertility Specialist from our list of qualified Doctors. Each Doctor’s locations are listed on their bios. Alternatively, you can contact our Fertility Advisor to help you select the right Doctor for you.

Once you have requested an appointment, someone from the Specialist’s office will contact you. Advise them that you wish to make a Skype or telephone consultation.

Before you see your Specialist, you should determine if you are covered by Medicare. If you are, it is important to remember you will need a referral from an Australian GP before you speak to/see your Specialist. If you are part of a couple, make sure your referral covers both partners as you may receive more assistance from Medicare. Your Specialist appointment request confirmation email will include our EziReferral form which you can take to your GP to sign.

To help you decide whether to go ahead with treatment at Genea and to outline how to get started, your Fertility Specialist will give you information on booking consultations with a Genea Nurse and a Genea Patient Relationship Coordinator to set you up for the cycle, discuss dates and costs. There’s no fee for this consultation and it can also be done via Skype or telephone. We just need your Treatment Plan from your Fertility Specialist which they will send through to us following your first appointment. There are usually no delays in booking a Nurse Consultation, but at peak times there may be up to a two week waiting period. If you need to wait to see your Fertility Specialist, book in advance with Genea for a few days afterwards to allow time for your Fertility Specialist to communicate your Treatment Plan with us. Then you’re all set to start.
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