Is that medicine safe to take during IVF treatment?

Taking medicine during IVF treatmentMany of our patients want to be as healthy and fit as possible during fertility treatment and if  a cold, flu or infection hits they want to know what they can or can't take during and after their IVF  treatment cycle.

A number of medications that we take for granted for colds, flu or infections can interact with the drugs our patients take for IVF treatment making them less effective and possibly leading to poor egg quality or to cause other issues which are not favourable to their IVF treatment. But, there are lots of medications out there that are absolutely fine to take during the treatment.  Here are some important points to remember:

1) If its safe to take in pregnancy then its (usually) safe to taking during IVF treatment.

2) Just because its a "natural" remedy does not necessarily mean it's OK to take and should always be discussed with your IVF nurse or fertility doctor.  Chinese herbs should be avoided due to the fact there are so many different kinds - although we know that some are okay,  we also know some aren't and some we just don't know enough about - so its best to avoid them altogether unless your fertility doctor is aware and is happy for you to take them.

3) There is no need to suffer with pain or headaches, it is fine to take Panadol or Panadeine.  However, Aspirin, Naprogesic and Nurofen (Ibuprofen) should be avoided.  (Low dose Aspirin is sometimes prescribed during treatment by your fertility doctor, but should not be taken without their advice).

4) A lot of antibiotics are okay to take, and if you have a bad infection requiring them then its definitely better to sort it out - your fertility doctor or GP can prescribe you antibiotics that are safe to take during an IVF  treatment cycle.

5)  The pharmacist at your chemist is also a great resource for checking what is okay and what is not and there is a free service called MotherSafe that is useful - their phone no is: 9382 6539 (Sydney Metropolitan Area) or 1800 647 848 (Non-Metropolitan Area).

Otherwise, if you are a Genea patient just call your friendly IVF nurse and they will let you know or check with your fertility doctor for you. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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Genea Team
Hi Sipho,

The rule of thumb is that medications which are safe in pregnancy are safe during IVF treatment. That said, there are some medications which can be used during IVF treatment and very early pregnancy, which a Doctor may not choose to use later in an established pregnancy – medications such as Augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanic acid) and Ciprobay (ciprofloxacin) fall into this category.

It is best to talk to the Doctor who prescribed these medications to you, or your Fertility Specialist to determine the risk vs. benefit for you - and this may well depend on where you are in your fertility journey and how long you will be taking these medications.

Our nursing teams and counsellors are always here to chat or give you advice. If you would like to talk, please call us on 02 9229 6420.
25/01/2016 2:16:57 PM

Im taking Augmentin and Ciprobay due to infection found in my urine,im worried if its safe to take them
23/01/2016 7:44:01 AM

Thanks for sharing.
31/12/2015 6:20:14 PM

Bravelle Cost
according to me some medication are OK with IVF but before taking you have to contact your doctor..Don't take chance..
18/07/2014 4:56:10 PM

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