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Comparing IVF fertility clinicIVF success rates and the cost of treatment at various Australian clinics have been hot topics of conversation across mainstream media recently.

Deciding to undertake IVF in the hope of achieving your dream of taking home a healthy baby is one of the toughest, most emotional choices you will make. And the factors you take into consideration when making that decision are entirely personal. While some facets of the decision can be based on facts and figures, other issues, such as your relationship with your fertility specialist and your impression of the team at the clinic, are unique to you and your partner.

Is it hard to compare IVF clinics? Absolutely. We understand that the raft of different success rates and performance evaluations promoted by clinics can be confusing when you are simply trying the find the clinic which will offer you the best possible chance of taking home a healthy baby.

A recent news article claimed IVF treatments are performed identically at all Australian laboratories. This, quite simply, is not true.

In contrast, Choice’s report in its February issue identified many of the considerations couples need to assess. As Choice accurately reported, IVF success rates in fact vary widely between clinics. Across the 35 fertility centres in Australia and New Zealand, the range of success rates reported by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) varied from 4.4% to 31% per fresh embryo transfer and between 5% and 33.3% per frozen embryo transfer. These particular success rates are from 2010 (the latest available data from AIHW) and include all age brackets.

According to the same nationwide data, which we believe is the only true basis available for comparison, Genea’s birth rate per embryo transfer across all age groups is more than 30% higher than the average of all other clinics across Australia and NZ.

Another strong figure, worth considering when selecting a clinic is, 66% of patients under 36 who were unsuccessful with other clinics took home a baby with Genea. We’re helping couples who were unsuccessful elsewhere- all clinics are not the same.

Cost is an important factor for many couples. Here at Genea, a cycle will generally cost $8,642 before a Medicare rebate of approximately $5,000. Couples having subsequent cycles within the same calendar year may receive a higher rebate from Medicare for those cycles.So, a couple will generally have an out of pocket cost of $2,950 to $3,500 for a standard fresh cycle. Frozen cycle costs are less.

When you compare Genea’s fees with other private clinics, a cycle with us may cost you a few hundred dollars more out of pocket, however, our high success rates mean that it often takes fewer treatment cycles with us to complete your family. In fact, 90% of women who have a baby with us do so in one to three cycles, meaning treatment at Genea can often be more cost effective than treatment at a discount clinic.

You can explore our website for more specific and in depth information to assure yourself that there is no better care and no better chance of a healthy baby than partnering with Genea for your IVF journey.


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