Dr Devora Lieberman addresses fact and fiction when it comes to Egg Freezing

Dr Devora LiebermanPublic interest in egg freezing is growing with Genea Fertility Specialist Dr Devora Lieberman appearing on two Seven Network programs last week to explain the procedure and talk through the pros and cons.

A growing number of women want to take control of their fertility by freezing their eggs before they’re ready or in the right situation to become a mother.

Dr Lieberman explained that while freezing your eggs provides some security, it is far from a guarantee that those eggs will successfully become babies.

More than ever, women are becoming aware of the impact age has on their fertility and discussions about egg freezing are on the rise as the number of women finding themselves without a partner as they reach their mid to late 30s increases.

The procedure of egg freezing is often recommended for those about to commence cancer treatment and is also being considered by single women who want to store their eggs for use later in life. While egg freezing techniques have improved, the science still has not reached the point where frozen and thawed eggs are the same quality as fresh eggs.

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