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Genea BiomedxEarlier this month at Europe’s leading fertility conference, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), we successfully revealed our new business Genea Biomedx to the more than 8,000 Fertility Specialists, Embryologists and Scientists who attended from around the world.

Genea is Australian formed, owned and based and we have long been pioneers in the field of fertility and reproductive health. Our research and technologies virtually doubled IVF success rates for patients in the mid-nineties and continue to improve outcomes today.

With the launch of Genea Biomedx, we transformed 26 years of history and expertise into an IVF technologies company. Genea Biomedx will initially provide three new IVF products conceived and developed by our scientists. The first product is the third generation of Genea’s world leading embryo culture media. The important solutions which nurture patient embryos outside of the human body, Genea Embryo Media Suite (Gems®) is pending regulatory registration in relevant countries and will be manufactured and distributed by Genea Biomedx in 2014. We are excited about this next generation of culture media given initial results from a trial involving 673 patients. This evolution of our embryo culture media is the next step in our 20 year history of developing culture media – the current version of which is used in over 60 countries around the world.

The second is a world first – which had scientist from all over pretty excited. It’s an  automated vitrification instrument which is set to halve the time it takes scientists to vitrify multiple embryos and allow greater control of all the process variables while still delivering world class IVF pregnancy rates.
The Gavi® (Genea Automated Vitrification Instrument), which will also be available in 2014, is an instrument which automates vitrification, the process of freezing IVF patients’ embryos for use in later cycles. The automation of this highly manual process will eliminate human variation and, we believe, ultimately lead to improved outcomes for patients.

The third innovation, also due to be released in 2014, is a new IVF incubator Geri® (Genea Embryo Review Instrument) which incorporates a time-lapse camera to capture images of embryos as they develop allowing monitoring and for the embryo with the best chance of implantation to be selected.

As Genea CEO Dr Tomas Stojanov said, at Genea we are uniquely positioned as both a world leading fertility clinic and a world leading IVF technologies lab.

“As the newly formed Genea Biomedx, we’re powered by real world knowledge from our fertility clinics and perfectly placed to come up with innovative advances that all contribute to our superior success rates and will help make more couples’ dreams come true.”

Regulatory approvals for Genea Biomedx products are pending.

Contact us regarding approvals and product availability.

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