Genea Canberra- fulfilling dreams.

Genea Canberra anniversaryAt the age of 35 Natalie and Glenn wanted to start a family. But when things didn’t happen as quickly as they hoped, they became concerned that their dreams of parenthood would never become a reality. Thankfully, with the help of Dr Tween Low from Genea, Natalie was pregnant after just one cycle of IVF.

Natalie and Glenn Boardman, of Aranda in Canberra were married in 2008 and started trying for a baby soon after.

Six months later Natalie, 35, still wasn’t pregnant, so her GP referred her to Dr Low.

“It was such a difficult time, it felt like everyone else was getting pregnant, I just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working for us,” Natalie says.

Dr Low conducted some baseline fertility tests, but found no evidence of an underlying reason for the couple’s fertility problems. They continued to try naturally for two more months before returning to Dr Low for further investigations.

Following a laparoscopy, whereby a camera is inserted into the abdominal cavity, Dr Low discovered Natalie had severe endometriosis, a condition in which the lining of the womb grows outside the womb, most commonly in the pelvis in places such as the ovaries, bowel, bladder, cervix, vagina and fallopian tubes.

“I was relieved and devastated when we were given a diagnosis. I was relieved that we had an answer but also felt like I was failing as a woman somehow,” Natalie recalls.

Given the severity of the condition and Natalie’s age, Dr Low recommended IVF and so, in October 2009, Natalie and Glenn commenced an IVF cycle.

Four eggs were collected from Natalie and two viable embryos resulted. One was transferred and the other was frozen.

Ten days later Natalie received a call to say she was pregnant and on the 23rd of July 2010 baby Max entered the world to two very grateful parents.

"Max has made us complete.  We will forever be grateful to Genea for making our baby dreams come true".

Max Boardman - Genea Baby 2012



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