Genea Automated Vitrification Instrument: Gavi®

Genea Biomedx automated vitrification GaviQuick facts

  • World first automated vitrification instrument
  • Automates key parts of the vitrification process
  • Ensures your embryos are consistently snap frozen
  • Embryos are then stored in your own Gavi pod


Vitrification is the most up to date and effective method of freezing eggs and embyros. Done by hand by scientists, vitrification is a time consuming process which requires a high degree of precision. The laborious nature of the vitrification process prompted our scientists to ask: "What if vitrification didn’t have to be a complex, time consuming task?" And in answer to that question, they conceived and designed a world first - Gavi®, an instrument that automates key parts of the vitrification process and ensures your embryos are consistently snap frozen – then stores them in your own Gavi pod until you need them.

See Gavi in action

In Australia, Gavi is available exclusively to Genea and Genea Hollywood Fertility patients.

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