Genea Culture Medium: Gems®

Genea Biomedx embryo culture media GemsQuick facts

  • Vital solutions that nurture and support eggs, sperm and embryos outside the body
  • Genea has been developing and using their own culture medium for over two decades
  • Continuous culture medium assists better quality embryo growth in uninterrupted conditions
  • Exclusive to Genea in Australia and used by more than 600 clinics around the world


The way we nurture and support eggs, sperm and embryos outside of the human body has been a key and consistent area of investment at Genea. For more than two decades, Genea scientists have been developing and refining culture medium – the solutions which enable embryos to grow. Little surprise then that more than 600 clinics around the world nurture embryos using culture media developed by Genea. In 2013, we developed the next generation of this vital formula (Gems®) following a rigorous clinical trial involving almost 1,200 Genea patients across all age groups and more than 15,000 eggs. The results were very positive, and Gems is now exclusively available at Genea clinics in Australia.

More recently we have developed and released a continuous culture medium which means that your precious embryos can develop undisturbed in the same liquid for the five days they spend in our labs.

See how Gems supports extended embryo culture

This new culture medium is also exclusive to Genea and Genea Hollywood Fertility patients in Australia.

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