Genea Embryo Review Instrument: Geri®

Quick facts

  • State of the art time-lapse incubator
  • Provides your embryos with their own private chamber
  • Individual cameras monitor your embryos providing more information about development
  • Exclusive lab system enables minimal disruption to embryos


Geri is our time-lapse incubator, ideated and created by Genea’s fertility experts. Incubators are crucial for maintaining an optimal environment for your embryos while they are being cultured and developed in the lab - outside of the uterus. Geri is a state of the art incubator which incorporates all of the functions necessary to deliver that optimal environment for your embryos. On top of that, Geri is an incubator with a difference. It gives your embryos their own private chamber for the five crucial days they spend with us. Excitingly, each chamber is equipped with a high definition camera to capture time lapse vision as your embryos grow. This 24/7 time lapse footage provides our scientists with valuable information on the way your embryo is developing and, ultimately, helps us select the one that will maximise the potential of forming a pregnancy and resulting in a live birth.

The combination of the time lapse footage and Geri’s individual chambers means that embryos in our care are disturbed less often. And we’ve developed a continuous embryo culture medium to remove the need for changing this vital liquid throughout development.

See how Geri works

In Australia, Geri is available exclusively to Genea and Genea Hollywood Fertility patients.

Genea’s embryo viewing App - Grow by Genea

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For the first time in Australia, IVF patients will be able to see precious pictures of their embryos as they develop in the lab. Designed by Genea for you and available exclusively at Genea clinics and Hollywood Fertility Centre, Grow is an Australian first app for your smartphone or tablet which will give you 24/7 access to photos and videos of your embryo as it grows and develops in the Genea lab making it easy for you to share these amazing images with your family and friends.

Learn about Grow by Genea

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