A clever French novelist once said: “Reading brings us unknown friends”.

We think you will find some friends you didn’t know about amongst these book recommendations. We hope they help you feel a little less alone. Please send us a message below if you have any book recommendations you would like to share.

Where Babies Come From - Genea

Genea Where Babies Come From bookWhat would a list of books be without this one, the book written just for IVF kids. Each day in hospitals, homes (and sometimes in cars) all over this great land of ours, 40 IVF babies are born. We believe these beautiful IVF bubs deserve to have their story told, a new story of how babies are made.

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Regain Control of your Fertility Journey – Melinda Rushe

Melinda Rushe Regain control of your fertility bookMelinda is a veteran of a challenging fertility journey who has created an essential toolkit for those who are struggling, fearful or feeling out of control as they travel their path to motherhood. She shares practical tools and simple routines to help you bring a baby into your life.

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Mackenzie’s Mission – Rachael Casella

Rachael Casella Mackenzie's Mission bookLike many other couples starting a family, Rachael and Jonathan had no idea they were both carriers for a genetic disease, and that 1 in 20 babies are affected by genetic birth defects. Their daughter was one of those babies, and Mackenzie's Mission is Rachael's beautiful and heart-warming account of Mackenzie's life, child loss, and a journey through IVF.

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How Would You Like Your Eggs – Debora Krizak

Debora Krizak How do you like your eggs?Have you found yourself asking "Why me?" and choking on the announcement of yet another person's pregnancy? In a world full of abundant pregnant bellies everywhere we look, it's easy to start questioning obsessively when falling pregnant is not as easy as we'd once believed. It's time to take charge. Forget the advice to 'stop trying so hard' or to 'take a holiday' and become empowered to take control of your own journey.

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If At First You Don’t Conceive – Liz Ellis

Liz Ellis If at first you don't conceive bookFormer Australian Netball Captain Liz Ellis put together a friendly guide to tackling infertility after finding herself having trouble getting pregnant. To help other hopeful parents and to bring a little humour to the situation, Liz interviewed specialists and people with infertility, covering everything from the medical side of things through to the emotional upheaval.

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Lexi’s Village – Natalie Lovett

Natalie Lovett Lexie's VillageAt 43, time was running out for Natalie Lovett. A demanding career combined with a series of failed relationships meant her chances to have a child were rapidly diminishing. Instead of waiting for life to meet her needs, she decided to go it alone. But after numerous unsuccessful IVF attempts, Natalie was given devastating news: she could not carry her own biological child. Undeterred, she discovered egg donation and, at the age of 46, she miraculously gave birth to her precious daughter, Lexie.

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The Art of Trying – Benita Bensch

Benita Bensch The Art of Trying bookThe Art of Trying is an intimate account of my journey to conceive our children, stemming from the journal that I kept over that seven year period. I’ve not held anything back – I go deep into the dark, and the light, of what I experienced and what I learned – about infertility and treatments, loss, mental health, the strength of my mind and body, and my relationships – to receive the most precious gifts in life.

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