Lab technologies exclusive to Genea clinics in Australia

Geri incubation system

Genea is closer than ever before to mimicking the undisturbed natural environment of a woman’s body – where a human embryo would normally be. Our Geri incubation system has seen a 24% increase in the number of pregnancies when compared to the traditional incubator and culture medium system^

Geri, Genea’s benchtop incubator with individually controlled incubation chambers for each patient and time lapse camera allows scientists to continuously monitor embryos, which eliminates the need to open the incubator to check on embryo development. Other time lapse incubators on the market have multiple patients in the one space, meaning even if they had a single step media, embryos would still need to be disturbed when scientists check other patients’ embryos.
Geri incubator

Geri Medium

Culture medium, the vital solution that supports embryo development outside the body, has traditionally needed to be replaced at different stages. However, Genea has now developed a continuous culture Geri medium, designed specifically for our incubator that is suitable for every stage of embryo development, enabling undisturbed embryo growth.
Geri medium

Gavi vitrification

At Genea, we use the world’s first automated vitrification instrument – Gavi – to freeze eggs and embryos. Traditionally done by hand by scientists, vitrification is a process that requires a high degree of precision and is vulnerable to human and environmental variances. Gavi automates and standardises key stages of the process and ensures eggs and embryos are consistently snap frozen, then stores them in a personalised Gavi pod until they are needed.

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Grow by Genea® app

An Australian first app for smartphones and tablets giving IVF patients 24/7 access to photos and videos of embryos during the five days they spend growing in an incubator in the embryology lab. Through Grow by Genea®, IVF patients are able to download images and videos and share them with family and friends. Grow by Genea® allows many patients to feel more connected and involved in the process. 94% of patients agree Grow by Genea® improved their IVF experience*.

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Foetal heart pregnancies. Study performed in Genea’s Canberra laboratory, 2015-2018.
Based on responses to Grow patient survey between May – October 2017 (91 patients). Data presented at Fertility Society of Australia Conference, October 2017. Adelaide.